The preservation needs of library and archival materials have been a concern of those who care for music collections in any type of library. From sound recordings to music manuscripts, these materials require different techniques to secure long-term access to their content. While some people can argue that music materials are no different than other types of library materials, their use in performance and scholarship requires different considerations from those who care for them.

There are many good places on the web to find preservation information. We do not wish to replicate these efforts, and have listed many of them in our General Preservation Resources section. The purpose of this website is to guide decision making when applying preservation techniques to music materials. Each preservation technique/consideration is briefly described, and general information is provided. Special considerations when using this technique with music materials are discussed. References, when available, are provided. If none exist, we provide guidelines and possible solutions.

The content of the music specific material is divided into two sections: Scores and Sheet Music, and Audio Materials. Each section contains specific categories that pertain to the type of material, for example, Repairs and Conservation for Sheet Music or Cleaning and Restoration for Audio Materials. The sidebar to the left contains links to all sections in outline form for ease of navigation.

Outline of Website

General Preservation Resources

Preservation of Scores and Sheet Music

Purpose of the Preservation Committee

To coordinate conservation activities within the Music Library Association by keeping the membership informed of ongoing research and development in preservation, encouraging appropriate ways of handling music materials, and addressing specific preservation problems. The committee concerns itself with the preservation of all forms of music materials, analog and digital, held by libraries and archives.

For more information on the committee or to contact any member, please visit the Preservation Committee Purpose and Members.

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